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NEWMAPAK has been a provider of innovative packaging solutions since 1971.

Throughout the years, NEWMAPAK has earned the respect of customers, manufacturers and competitors alike.

Creating lasting business relationships, both on the national and international stage has always been important to NEWMAPAK. Over the years NEWMAPAK has built unique relationships with some of the most reputable companies in the industry such as Makro Labelling, Quadrel, Kaps-All, and CleanPack.

The success of our partnerships with these companies is based on the quality of products and services which allow us to deliver top quality packaging technologies to our clients.

Our Specializations





We also specialize in bottle unscrambling, packaging line integration, food and beverage bottling lines and project evaluation.

Our packaging solutions go through a vast range of products such as:

  • • Wine
  • • Spirit
  • • Beer
  • • Cider
  • • Juice
  • • Water
  • • Personal Care Product
  • • Food (sauce)

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