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Filling machines require increased output and fast changeovers.

March 8, 2022

Filling machines require increased output and  fast changeovers.

Just like raindrops hitting a window, beverage filling must occur at a steady, consistent pace to keep production lines running. Equipment suppliers are adapting to trends and responding to a changing need. This is to cope with the increasing number of references and the need to process several beverages in different packages while respecting high hygiene standards. 

Mattia Cenci, PET solutions portfolio director at Parma, Italy-based Sidel, notes that in the beverage industry, producers need to be agile to deal with the constraints and challenges on their path.

“In order to do so, they need to plan and measure their business in terms of performance, sustainability, maintenance, flexibility and, of course, quality,” Cenci says. 

“There is a lot of happening at the same time, therefore, there are several trends shaping the food and beverage industries.”

Among these trends, productivity and food safety are the number one parameters. Producers are increasing their performance to meet the growing demand for their products while ensuring absolute food safety. To handle a large number of SKUS and a variety of container sizes, flexibility is needed to handle still and carbonated beverages as well as hot-, ambient- and cold- beverages. Eco-sustainable packaging is designed to reduce consumption and increase productivity.

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Source: Beverage Industry

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