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Gravity and/or Low vacuum Fillers


There are several types of gravity and/or low vacuum fillers depending on the application area of the machine. Bertolaso technologies has developed a series of specific applications to optimize the solutions required for each area: wine, spirits, juices and drinks, water.

Bertolaso models Olimpia (mechanical valve) and Epica (electropneumatic valve)

In addition to the traditional gravity and low vacuum fillers, Gruppo Bertolaso has developed a range of so-called “no-oxygen” machines to be specifically used in the wine industry.
The most important features of this “no-oxygen” filling system are summarized on a newly conceived filler with a filling valve manufactured with the best technologies in the market and based on the great experience gained by Bertolaso during more than 100 years of history. In this way, it is possible to fill still wine and slightly sparkling wines with a filler capable to perform a filling cycle similar to that of the counter pressure fillers but with significantly lower costs.

Today the market demand is to ensure:

  • maximum stability of the filled product and protection, primarily from oxidation
  • protection of wine from microbiological contamination
  • protection of wine from any other type of contaminant

Oxidation is an important factor in the food packaging industry: it may result in a decline of the organoleptic properties and shelf-life reduction. Moreover, as result of oxidation protection of the products during filling their quality and duration is improved, whilst the quantity of necessary antiossidants is reduced.This is particularly important for the delicate and fine wines, whose particular characteristics are the result of as delicate balance that can be easily altered by the industrial packaging processes.

All of this has led Gruppo Bertolaso to develop a new line of no-oxygen filling systems capable of performing the entire bottling cycle – from wine treatment to bottle rinsing,filling and corking – avoiding product and ambient air contact (“no-oxygen”), and protecting it from any type of contamination.

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