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Isobaric Filler (electropneumatic valve)


Bertolaso model ELETTRA

The electropneumatic filler is a very flexible filler produced by Bertolaso, of great impact in the wine industry and with the best results in terms of performance.

The isobaric filling systems developed by Bertolaso consist in machines manufactured according to the most advanced filling technologies that catch the user’s interest for their production flexibility and process quality.

The most important features of the isobaric filling systems are summarized in a newly conceived isobaric filler with a filling valve manufactured with the best technologies in the market and based on the great experience gained by Bertolaso during more than 100 years of history; thanks to this, it is possible to fill sparkling, slightly sparkling and still wine.

With the Bertolaso isobaric filling systems, sparkling and slightly sparkling wines can be filled with optimized filling cycles reducing the dead time due to a multi-phase snifting.

Still wines can be filled with overpressure, thus improving the filling quality and reducing the energy consumption of the plant.

The isobaric filling systems are conceived to ensure a zero increase of the oxygen in the wine.

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