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POKER 700 Filling Machine


The POKER 700 automatic monoblock consists mainly of two turrets, the first of which is continuous rotation and the second intermittently rotating.

The first turret performs the disgorging operation: equipped with three bottles gripping/closing groups, it overturns the bottle by about 65 ° and then pulls out the crown cap.

Following the extraction of the cork, the bottle, which remains in an inclined position, is closed to limit the spillage of wine.

Before the end of the rotation, it is brought back to a vertical position.

The second turret, which has an ivory point, each equipped with a gripper, performs three operations during one rotation: the filling, the dosage of the liqueur, and the leveling.

The bottle is again tilted for the dosage of the liqueur.

The leveling operation takes place after the bottle has been brought back to a vertical position.

The first turret is equipped with a device for or unloading the caps which are conveyed into a tray inside the base.


Working bottles: from 0.375 L to 1.5L
Inlet bottle neck washing device
Automatically adjustable dosage
Stainless steel taps
Simple, reliable, and easily sanitized

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