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Versatile semi-automatic filling machine for vacuum bags that are separate (Single) or attached together in a ribbon (Web)

The semi-automatic PREMIA WS filling machine is designed to meet filling needs for vacuum bags from 2 L to 20 L (in “Web” and “Single” mode), Pouches from 1.5 L to 5 L (in “Single” mode) and Cheertainer® recipients (in “Web” and “Single” mode). It can be used for all types of liquids and semi-liquids for both food and non-food products.


  • Automatic operation without manual feeding of the bag in Web mode.
  • Start of cycle (DAS safe and automatic start-up), removal of tap, creating a vacuum in the pouch, metering and filling, nitrogen injection and/or sweeping, reinsertion of tap, ejection of full pouch.
  • Cutting assistance in Web mode and automatic presentation of the next pouch.
  • Box holding helper placed on the free rollers : facilitate the introduction of the bag by keeping the box in good position on the conveyor. The operator have free hand after the box is formed.
  • Greater efficiency and comfort, from the start of the filling cycle to crating.

Integrated box support conveyor

  • Integral with the filler
  • In stainless steel
  • Can be positioned either at left or right of the boxing station, depending on line direction
  • Have a depth adjustable stop and can accept box from 3 to 20 L.

Web / Single modes

  • « Web » mode : automatic machine feed with bags attached to each other in strips. This bag technology is recommended for medium and large production runs carried out with semi-automatic and automatic filling machines. It allows better ergonomics and productivity gains by (partial or total) automation of handling operations (loading, cutting etc.).
  • « Single » mode : manual machine feed with individual bags. Single mode is suitable for small and medium production runs carried out with semi-manual or semi-automatic filling machines.


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