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Machines for the distribution and closure of PVC, aluminium, polylaminate and tinfoil capsules with single or multi-cup dispensers, shrink heads and spinning heads with speed rates from 1,000 to 8,000 b/h.

Multi-cup capsule dispenser and applicator for high speed rates that can be combined with a single-head closing turret (shrink heads for PVC caps, spinning heads for aluminium, polylaminate and tinfoil caps), turrets with combined heads or 2 or more turrets for production speed rates up to 8,000 b/h.

The machines in standard versions are to be inserted in a production line, therefore without chain, drive and return idler that can be supplied on demand. The chassis and the switch-board are clad in A304 stainless steel.

All monoblocks are equipped with conveyor belt with adjustable rails for the insertion in the production line and safety systems lifting the shrink head in case of line stop.

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