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Labelling Machine SYNCRO


Semi-rotary and linear labelers for production speeds up to 2,500 b/h with single bell distributor and capsule closure. All machines have a conveyor belt equipped with adjustable side rails, return traction motor, and an output storage table.

The casing of the base, guards and electrical panels are made of A304 stainless steel.

All machines are equipped with a detection device identifying stopper present in the bottle, micro emergency switches on the doors, safety systems on the star and auger and system to raise the thermal heads in the event of a line stoppage.

The labelling stations are adjustable on 4 axes, equipped with stepper motors and machine management is performed via the PLC and touchscreen display panel capable of storing up to 30 different formats.

Upon request, all models can be fitted with a station for the application of DOCG adhesive labels and stamp labels, production lot number heat transfer onto labels and transparent labels and bottle notch detection photocell.

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