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MONOSTADIO Capsuling Monobloc

Robino & Galandrino

Automatic monobloc type Monostadio 2Z30T for the dispensing and shrinking of pvc capsules for a production speed up to 35.000 b/h.

Automatic rotary monoblock complete with:

  • Horizontal capsule magazine
  • Automatic capsule distributor with single or multi-bell elliptical oscillating movement to transport the capsules from the magazine onto the bottle guaranteeing precise and reliable positioning
  • Optimum synchronization of the capsule distribution and machine functions through an encoder
  • Centering of the bottleneck to keep the bottle perfectly aligned and stable during positioning of the capsule
  • Double head system suitable to accept interchangeable thermal, spinning, or pneumatic heads dependent upon customer’s requirements
  • Safety guards in compliance with the CE standards
  • Centralized control panel with variable speed inverter and PLC
  • Electronic system for the control of bottle flow at the infeed and exit of the machine with automatic stop and start in the event of a lack of bottles at the infeed or bottles jamming at the exit.
  • Chassis covered in stainless steel
  • Throughput ranging from 3,000 to 25,000 BPH depending on the type of capsules to be applied Air consumption (at 6 bar) 6 liters/sec for all models

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