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O’BOX Shaper


Automatic box shaper O'BOX

Modern, robust, featuring top performance and fully automated, the O'BOX box shaper provides very high-speed shaping of 2- to 20-liter boxes, with or without gluing on the inside. The O’BOX automatic box shaper operates in a continuous cycle: opening of the box, closing of the lower tabs, squaring and guided ejection of the shaped box that will hold the BIB.


  • Ease of use: boxes can be loaded without stopping the machine, simplified operator dialog, change of format in less than 15 minutes, large-capacity box supply storage
  • High-quality work: ejection of the shaped box by motorized linear guides, squaring of the box during shaping, closing of inside tabs using brackets, rotating arms for full box opening
  • Versatility: supporting plates with suction pads and pre-positioning, adjustments to the mm by revolution counters, broad range of box format possibilities
  • The O’BOX boxer can be built into the FLEXI-LINE, TECHNIBAG’s complete packaging line.

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