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Case sealers

Case sealers

Get your packages securely sealed, out the door, and into the hands of your customers. Whether you pack various box sizes or a single standard box, Newmapak has the case sealer that fits your needs. Available in both automatic and semiautomatic formats, Case Sealers eliminate the need to use messy hand-held tape guns. Newmapak works with you to find the right case sealing system to best suit your needs.


  • Semi-Automatic Carton Sealers
  • Automatic Carton Sealer
  • Random Fully Automatic Case Sealers
  • Uniform Fully Automatic Case Sealers
MOONBLOCK Packing monoblock

MOONBLOCK Packing monoblock


Packing monoblock insertion of the bottles in vertical or lay down position. Speed production: 350 cph.

Automatic Carton Sealer

Automatic Carton Sealer


Speed from 500 up to 2 000 cartons per hour.

There are many equipment solutions but we will find the best to suit your needs. Get a quote
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