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Conveyors designed and manufactured by Vetromeccanica conveyor for the bottling industry considering the production environment and the requested workload. 


Conveyors structure: 430 stainless steel;

Modular design, in order to simplify the installation;

Maximum flexibility during the choice of components according to the specific needs;

Line gearmotors study respecting the maximum possible energy savings.

Lehr transfer

Vibrating plates of the most important brands on the market, of various lengths and complete with their own support frame. On request it is possible to insert the manual / automatic lifting of the modules to facilitate maintenance operations.

Dead plates fully adaptable to the design needs in terms of size and including a simplified assembly system through centering pegs and fixing magnets. Available in two models:

  • in steel with specific heat treatment to obtain a high resistance to sliding;
  • In plastic with internal steel core.

Lehr exit

Considering the criticality of application, the structure of these belts is of reinforced type to cope with the stress coming from the push of the bottles in the lehr exit.


Pressureless aligners with 3 ¼ “or 4 ½” chains on request are sized according to the required line speed.

These are equipped with a lined tank for discarded bottles complete with drawer for emptying.

The lying waste can occur spontaneously for cylindrical bottles or with a special blow for shaped bottles.

Single-row row conveyors

With one or more ducted lanes totally customizable according to specific needs.

Mass Flow conveyors

  • Metric / inch carpet section totally customizable according to specific needs;
  • 90 ° transfers with active transfer;
  • Transfers with multi-chain curves.

Guides Adjusting

  • Manual adjustable in height and depth;
  • Automatic with electric actuators;
  • Automatic with EMD PATENTED system

Guides adjustment with "EMD®"

Automatic lateral adjustment of the guides for glass bottles.

  • Eolo Moving Device (EMD®): This is the multi-position pneumatic actuator for universal guide adjustment designed and patented by Vetromeccanica;
  • MAIN APPLICATION: Automatic adjustment of the container body side guides;
  • UNIQUE FEATURE OF EMD®: Mechanical-pneumatic, precise and reliable system suitable for working in harsh industrial environments

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