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The vacuum conveyors find wide application in all those fields where it is necessary to transport light products that need to be well fixed by vacuum on the belt during transport.

In case it is necessary to move empty containers, particularly unstable or at very high speeds, it is possible to equip the chain conveyor with a suction system in order to increase the stability of the containers and the operation efficiency. 


Suction groups

Are made of painted steel and positioned next to the conveyor (other configurations are available on request). The fan is driven by an electric motor which power can vary from 5.5 to 7.5 Kw.

Vacuum transfer

It takes place via large corrugated pipes from the suction unit to a galvanized steel manifold (in stainless steel on request) placed under the conveyor.

The suction vents positioned on the side of the conveyor are connected to the vacuum manifold by reinforced plastic pipes. To obtain the depression of the containers on the conveyor, plastic chains with holes are used.

Control systems

To check the functioning of the suction system, a pressure detection unit is provided for each suction group.

The conveyor belts are complete with: shaft greaser, high-density polyethylene chain sliding profiles, chain return rollers with rubberized coating.

Ground supports

The ground supports consist of lateral support, stainless steel tube and circular, articulated support bases in plastic material.

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