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Logiclosure - Inspection of Closure

Logistics and Controls

Camera system that checks position, intactness and codes of caps and capsules.


This camera system checks correct closure of both plastic and glass containers. It inspects actual container closure and the correct position of both the cap and guarantee ring with great precision. It can also be used to inspect the fill level, seals, labels or details such as the batch code.

It can be completed to become a LOGIFILLER having the function of troubleshooting filling valves and capping heads as well as inspecting bottle bursting. A compact system that can easily be assembled to any new or existing line, this product has all the necessary features to check correct operation of filling and capping systems.


  • camera inspection of cap and guarantee ring for presence and integrity;
  • measurement of cap position and angle values to be compared with “accept” or “reject” parameters;
  • inspection of guarantee ring position with respect to the cap to check that it is not detached;
    • inspection of guarantee ring sides to identify any folding.

    Inspection technology:

      • specially backlight closure area through high efficiency, very long life LEDs;
      • lighting with high intensity light pulses for optimised image quality;
      • special light unit specifically manufactured by our company for this application which enables inspection of the required area through parallel light beams. Perspective distortion of standard commercial lenses is fully avoided;
        • extremely precise measurements at any point of the image thanks to our light unit and high-resolution camera.

        Technical specifications:

        • self-supporting frame;
        • stainless steel frame and casing;
        • adjustable height through a handwheel with a numerical height indicator;
        • compact in size;
        • extremely quick changeover:
        • enter the bottle code and no mechanical part changeover is required;
        • easy and user-friendly operator interface thanks to the supplied touch screen where several languages can be selected;
        • high-end industrial computer built according to our specifications: no hard disk and UPS needed;
        • no special maintenance required in the system;
        • possibility to supply motordriven changeover equipment to automate the process.

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