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Logilevel Plus - Fill Level Inspection

Logistics and Controls

Logilevel with automatic, motorized size changeover.

System for the control of correct filling of product inside glass, PET, HDPE containers. Compact, simple, quick an easy to be installed, it represents the excellent reply to everyone’s searching for a reliable and technologically advanced system. Data required: bottle mm height and mm level from the mouth of the bottle. Equipped with an own motorized device for the size adjustement both for level and cap presence control, it becomes the last frontier for this kind of controller.

Absolutely with no need of an operator manual supervision, it definitely goes over the limit of a traditional control system, so that to be considered the absolute level control one. The information about the product and the size to be checked can be received directly from the filling machine. Versatile ad powerful product, it is designed and arranged to be accomodated for the detection of cap, labels, capsule and wire presence.

Main characteristics:

  • High frequency, capacitive measurement system.
  • mm level control adjustement directly from the mouth of the container.
  • RS 232 interface for connection both to remote PC and printer.
  • Size motorized adjustement (automatic changeover both for level and cap presence control).
  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Microprocessor operating electronics.
  • Interfacing operator with alphanumerical LCD display at 32 characters, back lightened.
  • Industrial and touch-tactile membrane keyboard.


  • Cap and tilting cap presence control.
  • Label presence control, in-line or on board labeling machine.
  • Capsule presence control.
  • Wire presence control.
  • Legal seal-mark presence control.
  • Counts and statistical data printing with date and time.
  • Control ejection done.
  • Ejection system Logipush.
  • Ejection system Logisort.
  • Monitoring and sampling system fo filling and capping process Logifiller.
  • Ethernet interface for networking connection.
  • Modbus protocol.
  • Calculus of level variation depending on the product temperature.


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