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Logistics and Controls

Checks the weight of cases, cartons, bundles and kegs.

Checking the weight of cases, cartons, wrappers and stocks, it detects with precision the wrong ones, ‘cause one or more pieces are missing or the same ones are wrong.

Precise and reliable, it’s easy to use and its insertion in line is possible through modules designed to solve every requirement for new or existing lines. It features the ideal final control before the palletizing.

Completely automatic, it requires the presence of the operator just for the changeover, to start the self learning setting process or to recall the memorized sizes.

Main characteristics:

  • Load cell weighing system.
  • Conveyor group with own motorization.
  • Weighing belt at high grip.
  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Stainless steel electric cabinet.
  • Microprocessor operating electronics.
  • Interface operator with alphanumerical LCD display at 32 characters, back lightened.
  • Membrane, touch-tactile industrial keyboard.
  • Current RS 232 interface, and serial ports for connection both to a remote PC and to a printer.


  • Inlet conveyor with own motorization, with belt at high grip.
  • Outlet conveyor with own motorization and electro pneumatic ejection system.
  • Electro pneumatic ejection system to be installed onto existing conveyor.
  • Idle rolls conveyor for wrong containers accumulation.
  • Counts and statistical data printing with date and time.
  • Ethernet interface for networking connection.
  • Modbus protocol.



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