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Labeling Machine MAK 2-9

Makro Labelling

MAK 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 labellers meet the needs of medium and large companies: they are equipped with special applications and manage high production speeds and highly complex labelling operations

High-speed labelling

  • 1.500 - 50.000: b/h
  • 780 - 2750: mm ø carousel
  • 4/10: Installable units
  • 6 - 54: Labelling platforms

They come in cold glue, hot-melt glue, self-adhesive and combined application versions. Furthermore, the range also includes the high-speed self-adhesive labeller with pre-unwinders and non-stop operating system which keeps the machine in production at maximum speed at all times (even during roll change) and the combined double carousel labeller for applying the tax strip. 

Makro Labelling, in perfect synergy with its technical office, is able to develop special machines, equipped with special and personalised equipment at the customer’s request. The labels which can be applied by machines in the Makro range include: body, neck, collar band and back labels and I-, L- or U-shaped seals etc..

Production speeds vary from 1,500 bph to 50,000 bph.

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