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Semi-automatic self-adhesive labeler with basement equipped with reciprocating conveyor belt. As with rotary equipment, labeling is done using a container rotating plate and pneumatic blocking of the container neck.


The EDIT model is equipped as standard with the following groups: 

  • 1 station for front label 
  • Auto-centering plate 
  • Conveyor belt 1 mt 
  • Control panel with display 
  • Original system for bottle 
  • Introduction / ejection on the plate 
  • Motorized final collecting disk 
  • Diameter 480 mm 


Type of container:  Cylindrical, conical (15° max), square, shaped

Container’s diameter: from 55 up to 115 mm

Container’s height: max. 350 mm

Hourly production: 550 bph

Labeling tolerance: max. +- 2,5 mm

No. Stations: 1 standard, max 3

Paper passage: 470 mm

Max. diameter of labels’ reel: 200 mm

Min. label's width: 20 mm

Marking unit: optional

Foil dispenser: No

Smoothing unit: Thermic head optional

Motorization: three-phase motors

Pneumatic supply:4-6 bar, consumption 50 l/min

Power supply: 380 V 50/60 Hz + null

Absorption: 0,8 KW

Packaging: Wooden cage not included

Machine's dimensions (I x w x h): cm 220 x 120x 180

Machine's weight: 250 Kg without packaging

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