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Automatic linear labeler with one single labeling station to apply self-adhesive labels on cylindrical containers by means of a new patented labeling system with opposing rollers.


Possibility to install the second station to apply front and back labels from separated labels’ reels. Also recommended for containers with low physical resistance to pressure, such as those in PET. 


The TECH SONIC model is equipped as standard with the following groups: 

  • Front label station
  • Digital control board


Type of container: cylindrical, conical (15" max), square-shaped

Containers diameter: from 55 up to 115 mm

Containers height: max. 350 mm

Hourly Production: max. 1.800 bph

Labeling tolerance: max. +- 1,5 mm

No. Stations: 4 standard, max 4

Paper passage: 170 mm

Max diameter of labels' reel: 280 mm

Min. label's width: 20 mm

Marking unit: optional

Foil dispenser: optional

Smoothing unit: optional

Motorization: DC motors, encoder-controlled

Pneumatic supply: 4-6 bar, consumption 150 l/min

Power supply: 380 V 50/60 Hz + null

Absorption: 4.5 KW

Packaging: Wooden cage not included

Machine's dimensions: (lx w x h) cm 290 x 130 x 210

Machine’s weight: 800 Kg without packaging

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