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Washing, cleaning or rinsing are crucial for quality assurance

Newmapak offers a wide range of solutions for cleaning and rinsing your containers prior to filling. Eliminate contaminants prior to the filling process and make sure your product meets the highest standards of your industry. We can assist in finding the proper equipment for your needs.


  • Inline with Ionized Air and vacuum
  • Rotary with Fixed Nozzles (with liquid, air or gas)
  • Rotary with Penetrating Nozzles (with liquid, air or gas)
  • Twist rinse with water (for canning)
Rotary Bottle Rinsing Machine

Rotary Bottle Rinsing Machine


The rinsing systems developed by Bertolaso consist in machines manufactured according to the most advanced technologies capturing the user’s interest for their production flexibility and quality.

Bertolaso RInser  NOVA (fixed nozzle)

Bertolaso RInser NOVA (fixed nozzle)


NOVA : with fixed nozzles and single treatment

There are many equipment solutions but we will find the best to suit your needs. Get a quote
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