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Wine Bottling Solutions

Newmapak has been supporting start-up companies, small wine producers, and corporative wineries all over North America for over 50 years. Our goal is to continue providing the wine industry with innovative, user-friendly, and adaptable bottling solutions to fulfill even the most demanding requests on the market.

We have all the necessary wine bottling equipment for small wineries and large vineyards.

Have you just begun producing and growing your grapes and now are looking to bottle your finished product? Are you a well-established wine producer in need of a bottling production upgrade? Newmapak applies its years of market knowledge with your companies specific needs to create a production solution, just for you.

Newmapak has your answer when it comes to still wine, slightly sparkling or sparkling wine. From depalletizing to bottling and then to packaging. We help you find and integrate conveyors, rinsers, bottle filling machines, capping machines, bottle corking machines, capsuling machines. We also have labeling machines, inspection systems, case packing equipment for glass bottles, cans or boxes. All our wine bottling machinery can be designed and installed on a complete production line or as part of an existing line catered to your specific needs and environmental constraints.

Wine bottling machines tailored to your production needs and speeds.

We have automatic systems with low and high speeds ranging from 400 to 36,000 bottles per hour. Offering the latest bottle filling technologies to preserve the quality of your wine, such as:

  • Gravity filling machine
  • Isobaric filling machine
  • Electropneumatic filling machine

We also supply Monoblocks and Triblocks for the wine bottling process.

In Partnership with Innovative Wine Bottling Manufacturers

Newmapak partners with award-winning European and North American manufacturers recognized for their excellence in design, reliability, and performance within the bottling industry. They include Bertolaso, APE, Della Toffola, and Z-italia. Since 1971 we have established long-lasting relationships with our partners, enabling us to learn from their expertise. We pride ourselves in keeping current with industry trends and technological innovations.

Today, Newmapak is among the biggest bottling suppliers in North America, providing a complete range of innovative bottling solutions for winemakers, distillers, brewers, and liquid food producers. Our goal is to help our clients optimize, automate, and simplify their bottling and packaging line while ensuring their RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

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Partnership in innovative packaging solutions

Newmapak is authorized distributor of:

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