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Our Services

We stand out in each project with comprehensive manufacturing line solutions.

  • Distributor of bottling, canning, conveying and packaging equipment
  • Modifying or adding equipment to an existing line
  • Consulting services & project management
  • Customization and personalization
  • Integration and installation services

At Newmapak we are dedicated to serving our beverage, food and personal care clients, at every stage of their business lifecycle.

Our team of experienced professionals provides a wide variety of value-added services, from project management, installation and service as well as a proactive maintenance plan.

We will make sure to discuss the perfect solution and plan and put together a plan that meets your requirements. Our team of field service technicians are trained, certified, and know how your equipement needs to be set up. All parts we use are authorized by our partners and we can establish together a list of needed spare parts to keep in inventory.

You can trust our team will choose and take care of you and your equipment like it was our own.

icon Consulting

Consulting services

The Newmapak team can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your bottling, labelling and packaging needs. With close to 50 years of experience as a bottling line integrator, we can support you in every way. Our wide range of partners allows us to be creative and flexible, while respecting your budget and performance specifications.

At Newmapak, we thrive on offering customer support throughout the entire planning and sales processes. We can assist in layout design, workflow and even evaluate your labor requirements. We provide a customized approach based on your specific project needs.

Let’s talk about your project

Icon Project Management

Project Management

Offering the right equipment and the right approach is crucial, but managing the delivery, installation and the setup of your bottling line are equally important. If required, we can work with your existing team or even work with a third-party consulting firm to assist you along the way.

Project Management
Installation and Startup
Icon Installation

Installation and Startup

Newmapak works with its partners to ensure your installation goes as planned.

A start up process may be applied not only to new projects, but also to existing bottling or packaging lines that are subject to expansion, updating or revamping.

Icon Traning


We can work with your team to put together a training program focusing on the safe use and proper operating protocols of your new or existing equipment or bottling line.

We generally work closely with machine operators, line managers and maintenance personnel on equipment knowledge and safety protocols.

Maintenance and repair

Don't trust just anybody with the maintenance and repair of your equipment.
Trust Newmapak!

Icon Repair

Maintenance and repair

Newmapak’s maintenance solutions will help you reduce equipment downtime, improve production efficiency while prolonging equipment life. It is important to understand your equipment, its capabilities and limitations.

The right equipment choice will also lower replacement parts and maintenance costs over the machine’s lifetime. The benefit of a proactive maintenance plan is also an important factor to consider. We can help!

Every customer has their specific maintenance needs. Together, we can develop a customized maintenance and repair program. We use parts that are authorized and manufactured by our partners in their own manufacturing facilities.

Parts and components

We maintain an inventory of current parts and components in our warehouse.

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